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Samsung Note Series Phone Repair Parts

Why Buy Samsung Note Series Parts From Us?

Firstly, we give several promises on any purchase of our Samsung Note series replacement parts. Same day dispatching, free&fast delivery within the UK, 12-month warranty, lower price than the other suppliers, return & refund guarantee. Secondly, we run phone repair shops nationally in the UK, so we will help you with any issue you may encounter during your repair work. 

How Can I Replace My Samsung Note 20 Ultra Back Glass Cover Myself?

If you have a hot air gun and the right fixing tools will be fairly easy. But for replacing it yourself without the hot air gun maybe you can use the hairdryer instead to warm the glue on the back cover. Please make sure don't heat it too much. And our QianLi  Disassemble Card Ultra-thin Teardown Prying Tool will help you take it off easier. If you need any technical help please feel free to contact us