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Whether you are in the business of smartphone repairing, or a DIY geek wanting to fix a broken phone of yours or a loved one’s, DIGI4U has what you need at the right price for you. Ranging from iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei, to Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and Oppo, we have to replace parts for different smartphones including touch screen, back cover, battery, home button, speaker, buzzer, camera, wifi antenna. If you cannot find what you need, simply get in touch with us. With a strong relationship with a wide range of suppliers and a steady network of logistics, we will be able to get the product at the best price.

For wholesale inquiries for all of our phone repair parts, please visit our Wholesale page, to register the wholesale membership please visit our registration page

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Why choose Digi4u?

- We have the best quality product at a reasonable price. We may not be the cheapest but we can guarantee the quality with three levels of quality check.

- Product that suits you the best. We source different grades of the same product. Whether you want original ones, partially refurbished, or brand new third-party parts, we have the one for you.

- Best service you can possibly find. Same-day dispatch and next-day delivery are available. With the warehouse and office based in Cardiff, no more hassle for shipment or delayed response due to time difference.

- One month warranty. Nothing can be 100% perfect but we react quickly when there are any issues with our product. A free return and replacement or refund at your preference will be processed once you get in touch.