Audio & Video

Audio and video accessories and connectors sold exclusively by Digi4u. You will find everything audio visual in this section including, projectors, android tv box, headphones, speaker, BT headset, MXQ, M8S, Fully Loaded Kodi, Lightning Cables, Type C cables, Micro 5 Cables.

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In our stock we have some of the best TV boxes on the market, and at a lower price than anywhere else on the Internet. Wondering what a TV box can do for you? Drop us an email and our customer service team ccan help you out. Whether you are looking for a cheap solution, or a high end model that looks good and is highly powered. Look no further than our range exclusive to Digi4u.

Want a reliable HDMI splitter that can bypass HDCP? Or a converter to change video format? Look no further than Digi4u. Our converters and splitters are manufactured from high quality materials and proven to work long term.


Create the perfect Home Cinema experience at a fraction of the expected cost with one of our home Mini LED Projectors. You won't believe how much value for money you can get out of this mini Device. Simply plug in via VGA or HDMI from any Laptop or Device and enjoy all your entertainment on a cinema style big screen. Perfect for Families and Film lovers alike.

We have plenty of impressive and cool accessories in our stock. From powerful bluetooth headphones, to mobile speaker cases. Whatever you are looking for you will find here at Digi4u!


We have a Great range of Bluetooth Speakers here for you, accessible and comptible with every smartphone on the market! simply buy the model thats right for you.