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Digi4u Ltd sells a series of mobile phone and tablet repair tools, from the TBK Laser Machines to Screwdrivers. We support the comprehensive repairs tool you may need during fixing your device. At the same time, since we have our own smartphone repair shop in Cardiff, so we know which tools are better for repair work.


We have different Screwdrivers, both the separate screwdrivers and the screwdrivers sets. For example, iThor 3D Screwdriver is specially designed to repair the Apple iPhones from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11. Meanwhile, its handle made from aviation-grade aluminum and S2 chrome vanadium steelhead. So it is quite durable. In addition, we also sell different sets, such as 5 in 1 Repair Tools Screwdriver Kit, mechanical small steel gun series, etc. You can find your ideal screwdrivers in Digi4u. 


Curved tweezers tool and straight tweezers Tool are indispensable tools for mobile phone repair technicians.

Opening Tools

S-W299 Mobile Phone LCD Screen Opening Pliers is a very efficient tool, suitable for opening smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc. It also could use for iPad. Additionally, the QianLi Disassemble Card tool is highly recommended, because this tool is quite cost-effective.

Cleaning Tools

Digi4u currently sells three different cleaning tools. Among them, TBK Electronic Glue Remover is quite convenient to use, it can remove the residual glue on the phone quickly and clean. If you want to smash the broken back cover glass or rear camera glass you can get our glass breaking pen. 

Testing Tools

Our i2c Face ID repair-dot projector reprogrammer comes with seven dot projector cables suitable for iPhone X-11 Pro Max. If you want to repair the Face ID, this will be your ideal tool. Moreover, we also have QianLi iCopy Plus V2.1 to detect the repair work of iPhone Battery, LCD Screen, True Tone Display. And our new generation w13 optical sensor repair instrument is a necessary tool for LCD SCREEN photosensitive repair work. 

Tool Kits

Digi4u has a full range of tool kits from different brands, such as Xiaomi 19 in 1 Electric Screwdriver kit, QianLi ToolPlus 16 in 1 tool kit, XILI 7 in 1 Precise Screwdriver Repair Tool, etc. Go to our tool kit page to find out more.

JC Programmer

V1S 3-IN-1 Mobile Phone code reading programmer used for reading screen code, battery code, fingerprint serial number, etc. Digi4u offers JC Programmer with competitive price and quality guaranteed within the UK. 

Qianli Tools

Qianli is a trusted brand of phone repair tools and Digi4u is committed to selling high-quality tools like Qianli tools. On our website, you can find the Qianli iClamp tools for clamping your repaired device to make the LCD screen join in the frame perfectly. Go to our Qianli Tools page to find more tools.

YIHUA Soldering

Digi4u supports different models of YIHUA Soldering and parts. For example, YIHUA 853D 1A comes with a hot air station, soldering station, and DC power supply witch will bring great help to your phone or tablet soldering repair work. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that YIHUA soldering has Heat resistant function, so it can be used safely. 

TBK Laser

The TBK Laser machine is the first choice for repairing the back glass of the mobile phone, not only because of its high efficiency but also because of its safety, which can ensure that the mobile phone is not been damaged during the repair. Digi4u sells different TBK Laser tools. TBK 958B and TBK 958C Laser Separating Machine is used for iPhone back glass remover and LCD frame repair. And the LCD laminator with autoclave TBK-508A is an integrated device for repairing LCD displays. We also sell the TBK-578 frozen separating machine which will help you remove the front glass more easily.

Other tools

In addition to the above repair tools, Dilg4u also has different magnetic silicone repair workbenches witch are easy to classify different small parts and improves work efficiency. And we sell automatic center align centering fixture mold for the TBK laser machine and the adhesive rework kit for Samsung. Choose Digi4u, find your ideal phone repair tools!